IMAC - Installs, Moves, Adds and Changes

IMAC – Installs, Moves, Adds and Changes


Our team is on hand to assist with:
– Installation of new equipment
– The secure and safe movement of equipment whether that be a full datacenter move or an office relocation
– Additions or upgrades to existing infrastructure
– Changes to existing networks and rollouts of new equipment
– Deployments
– Rack and Stack requirements


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Planning a project that involves installs, moves, adds and changes can be a daunting task, especially across multiple countries and locations.

CTIT’s experienced smart hands team can provide an end-to-end solution utilizing our  qualified project managers to ensure a seamless delivery.

From system upgrades, installations, rollouts, datacenter relocations to complete infrastructure refreshes – we are available 24×7, around the globe.

The process of installing hardware and software is a daily occurrence for most businesses. Devices such as file servers, workstations, desktops, printers, laptops, modems, storage, scanners, and switches all need to be installed properly to enable functionality.

Our expert team can install, configure and customize hardware devices in local networks or WAN, and facilitate rollouts of many hundreds of devices across multiple locations. Operating Systems and back-office programmers can also be installed and integrated including, WIFI, email systems, VPN, internal company connections, internet services, and remote workers’ devices.

Once installations are complete, training can be provided to users to ensure usability and understanding without incurring any additional costs.


uptime monitoring

The primary aim when moving any equipment is that it is executed in a safe and timely manner with minimum disruption to the user. CTIT has the very best transport team, that is experienced in large-scale data center moves and local office relocations.

Our approach is systematic, safe, and efficient. We uninstall all devices, ensure proper packaging, functionality testing, logistics management, and installation of devices at their new location. Our priority is to provide a smooth transition from each location, with minimum downtime for all staff.


cost reduction

Technology moves at a rate of knots, therefore, additions and upgrades are essential to keep up with advancements. CTIT’s IMAC team can perform hardware upgrades (disk drives, monitors, servers, and storage), software upgrades, patches, fixes, and additions to existing systems.

Our aim is to improve the performance of the system to maximize output and make sure everything is working with maximum functionality


cost reduction

Similar to additions, changes within an infrastructure are sometimes essential to improving overall productivity. Replacement of older, underperforming kits will stabilise an environment and avoid reactive firefighting of recurring issues.

Integrated with our ITAD-Redundancy service, we can perform complete system refreshes or replace one or two older items of kit and decommission and securely dispose of the unwanted items.