Network & Hardware Break Fix

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Network And Hardware Break Fixing

When you need IT services for your business, there are several ways that you might consider getting what you require. You could hire full-time IT staff if you have a high demand for IT support. Another option is to use managed IT services, which can give you ongoing support. You can also consider break-fix services for your business, ensuring you have IT support as and when you need it. Break-fix services are the ideal option for fixing OEM IT failures, using a local and freelance workforce to get things repaired quickly.


What we offer

Network Break Fix

We offer break fix maintenance services delivered to a SLA of your choosing for networks. It maybe small part replacement, I OS upgrade or swapping the complete device with a new one.

Hardware Break Fix

With a wide range of skilled resources our team of on site technicians ensure smooth running of your IT systems. We take care of small part replacement activities to replace complete servers as per the SLA required. We will not miss anytime to negotiate a contract rather we focus on the SLA with your client and will have technicians on the move within no time.


N/H Disposal

We have successfully completed and upgrade from legacy desktops to thin clients and laptops along with installation of new screens for a global recruitment firm. The legacy devices were disposed of as per WEEE directives. The project was completed within short span of one week across EMEA.